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Celeste Blumenauer, owner and creative director of Catfish Studios, has been helping people make their furniture beautiful for over 25 years.  She was the original Annie Sloan stockist for the DC Metro area.  The enthusiastic staff at Catfish Studios has over sixty years of combined painting and design experience.  In our 3000 square foot shop, we showcase vintage furniture pieces in a variety of beautiful finishes and styles.  This is the place to get inspired!


chalk101Celeste’s Story:
“From the time I was eight years old, bringing home my first piece of salvaged furniture, I loved the idea of up cycling.  Dragging an old table from the neighbor’s trash, I can still hear my mother’s reaction like she was standing next to me:  “Joe!  Look what she has now!  From who’s trash?  Oh, GAWD!”  Well, that became a tea table that I used for many years (what I wouldn’t give to have it now!) and it was the beginning of what I am doing today.  Catfish Studios had been in my head for way too many years before I took the plunge.”

I Never Meant To Be A Catfishp

“Years ago, at one of my favorite “down and dirty” auctions, an old DC junk man I considered one of my auction buddies said to me, “Celeste, you’re like an old catfish, scrounging’ around and coming back out.  I never know what your’e gonna find!”  Oh boy, did I laugh!  I shared that story with a few pals, and the nickname stuck.  

About a year later, as I waited in the carpool line for my boys, another mom I didn’t even know came up to my window and asked,” Can I ask a catfish question?”  “What on earth is that? I thought, but I smiled and said, “Well, sure.”  She went on to ask my advice about painting the aluminum legs of her vintage kitchen table.  “Oh,” I thought.  “I am the Catfish!”